17 thoughts on “Request Catalog”

  1. i placed and order for two pair of slipper’s one for me and the other for my mom.She’s had lot of pain and problems with her feet and on march 25th it was her birthday and i gave them to her and it was one of the first things she put on. she loves them and so do i!!!!!!!

    • Dream Products Catalog said:

      Hi Kimberly! Happy belated birthday to your mom! We’re happy to hear she is finding relief with her gift. Thanks for shopping with us!

  2. Chloe Driver said:

    Thank you for the shoes I received Thursday. I am glad they got here. Happy with them. Thanks

  3. You are very welcome. We are happy that you like them.

  4. Yes. How are you all doing i would like to receive y’all latest catolog thank you all from sue price

  5. Alice Girard said:

    I recently bought some slippers and they came in a pack of three and one fit fine the other two pairs were to short they are size 9-11 I gave the small ones away but this should never happen am disappointed as everything else was fine

    • Alice:

      I am sorry to hear that the socks arrived in different sizes. I don’t think that has happened before. We would be happy to either exchange the socks, or refund your order. Feel free to contact our Customer Service department for options and details.

  6. Thank you can not want to get my catolg

  7. Yes im su price and i want to know if i can receive you all latest catalog THANK YOU

  8. Linda Crabill said:

    Would like to have a free catalog.

  9. Terri Siedschlag said:

    Just want a catolog mauled with out 50 million questions

  10. Janet Felker said:

    Love your products in your catalog , I rather look through the catalog than browse through my phone. I’m 70 and kind old fashion and would rather have a catalog sent to my home.
    Thank you ,
    Mrs. Janet Felker

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