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My six year old niece really wants to carry a purse to school but my sister doesn’t feel it’s necessary. She already carries a backpack as well as a lunchbox. When I came across the Insulated Lunch Purse, I knew I found the best of both worlds and immediately bought a pink one as a gift for my niece.

The Insulated Lunch Purse looks like a purse, but it holds her lunch and keeps it cold since it’s insulated. Her lunch fits easily into the center compartment which also holds her water bottle. There is an interior pocket with separate slots to hold her change purse, comb, and other essentials. The two exterior compartments come in handy as well; one side has a zippered pocket and the other side has a pink mesh pocket. Needless to say, my sister is pleased and my niece is happy!

To get your very own Insulated Lunch Purse, visit DreamProducts.com.