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I don’t know about you, but I’m not a fan of carbonated water, unless it is flavored. And, I don’t like to buy the flavored water bottles because they have either too much sugar or they are diet which I just don’t like. I found a solution that works for me and my family. I use my Fresh Ice Tray to make flavored ice cubes.

Some of my favorite ice cubes are made with grape juice, lemonade, pomegranate juice, or apple juice. Once the ice cubes are frozen, I put them in a glass and add carbonated water or club soda. My secret is that I don’t refrigerate the water. I use room temperature carbonated water and then the ice melts faster to give the drink more flavor. It’s a refreshing drink with no added sugars and there are even vitamins from the juices.

I love the Fresh Ice Tray from DreamProducts.com because they have snap tight lids that help prevent freezer burn. Plus, it’s easier to pour the liquid into the trays without spilling. You get a set of two with each purchase so you can make 24 flavored ice cubes at one time. Another cool drink for adults is to make red wine ice cubes and once they are frozen, put them into a glass of lemon-lime soda. It’s an easy way to make a wine cooler!