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When I work out, it is very important for me to be comfortable. That means bicycle shorts, a relaxed top, and most of all, a snug and supportive exercise bra. I want to be able to move with ease and comfort.

It’s not been easy to find that perfect undergarment that’s comfortable and supportive, until I tried my new favorite workout bra, Bra-Tastic!


Bra-Tastic has silky soft two-way stretch material that never loses its shape. It’s also machine washable and made of nylon/spandex. The best thing is that Bra-Tastic is affordable. I don’t want to spend a lot of money on exercise clothes. Bra-Tastic isn’t known as a workout bra or a sports bra, but it fits the bill and I’ve been telling my friends at the gym about it since I like it so much.

I’ve definitely found that Bra-Tastic is a great exercise bra and now I can focus on my workouts and not be distracted by discomfort!

To get your very own Bra-Tastic, visit DreamProducts.com.