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We sell a lot of items at Dream Products Catalog, but one that we are particularly proud of is our Sleep Bra. For over 14 years we have been selling this item to consumers and to doctors’ offices across the nation. Every woman has experienced the agony of wearing an uncomfortable bra – but with the Sleep Bra, that never has to happen again!

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When a woman has breast surgery, whether it is reconstruction or augmentation, biopsy, etc., many plastic surgeons offices use our Sleep Bra for their patients. After surgery it is important that they wear some type of support 24 hours a day and this bra allows them to do that in comfort.

In speaking with one plastic surgeon’s office they told us that their patients wake up from surgery with the Sleep Bra on. It’s easy for the doctor to apply while the patient is under anesthetic, as the bra hooks in the front. The material is so light and soft that it doesn’t create pressure on surgery points. Because the bra cups stretch, if there is swelling or any size fluctuation, the Sleep Bra continues to be just as comfortable for the patient every single day. And talk about affordable! You’ll be hard pressed to find a bra less expensive and when you consider just how comfortable it is, the price is even MORE amazing!

If the bra is comfortable enough to wear after surgery (even when sleeping) can you imagine how nice it would be to wear it on an everyday basis? The Sleep Bra is one of our customer favorites at Dream Products and we know if you try it, it will become one of your favorites as well!

To get your own Sleep Bra, visit Dream Products online.