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Our family loves ice cream desserts. What can I say? All flavors of ice cream, creamy gooey toppings, sprinkles, nuts, cookie crumbles, candy pieces, whipped cream, and of course a cherry on top! I can’t forget to add a homemade brownie on the bottom of the bowl. It’s become such a popular dessert to our family and friends that an “ice cream sundae buffet” is expected when we entertain.

We are very particular with what goes into our ice cream sundae buffet. We set up our counter with serving bowls with all the toppings lined up in a row. A couple challenges include keeping the ice cream cold and the hot fudge warm.

The ice cream half gallon containers sit in a bucket of ice to stay frozen. It’s been working pretty well. But the hot fudge, once heated up in the microwave, would sit in a bowl and get clumpy and cold. That’s until I found a fabulous solution.

Last week when I was browsing DreamProducts.com, I noticed a Mini Crock Pot. I liked its size with its 2.6 cups capacity, and thought perhaps it could work. Over the weekend I used the Mini Crock Pot to heat up the hot fudge and was so pleased with the results. Alas, we found our answer!

mini crock potI’m happy to say that this handy, easy to use and easy to clean mini stoneware crock pot has proven to be the greatest little device and solved what used to be a problem for me while serving our ice cream sundaes.

Next, I plan to use the Mini Crock Pot to make chocolate dipped strawberries and bananas. The possibilities of chocolate dipped foods are endless. What would you use the Mini Crock Pot for?

To get your own Mini Crock Pot visit DreamProducts.com.