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Organizing and storing your things can be a task to keep up with, and once you have a system down it’s a huge relief. But sometimes you end up needing to move all of the storage devices around from one place to another, or you may need easy regular access to your things. Moving big, bulky storage bins and filing cabinets can be a tremendous hassle. You may be wondering why you didn’t get the kinds with wheels or maybe they weren’t available with wheels. Either way, wheels would be nice, wouldn’t they?

Why, yes, in fact, Roll Around® Instant Wheels *would* be nice!


Add to almost anything, instantly & permanently, with its industrial grade high strength adhesive, Roll Around® Instant Wheels supports up to 250 pounds. Attach the wheels’ steel reinforced mounting brackets to vinyl, plastic, wood, corrugated board, Masonite & more for instant wheeling convenience!

Add wheels to:

  • Filing cabinets
  • Arts and crafts storage bins
  • Furniture
  • Cabinets
  • Plastic storage bins

In just a few moments, you can quickly add wheels to just about anything you need (just be sure to place them all in the same direction). Now you’ll be able to move those heavy cabinets and storage bins around and finally get everything in its place.

For your very own Roll Around® Instant Wheels, visit DreamProducts.com.