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Ironing is just one of those necessary tasks that come about when you’re needing to look your best or for your crafting projects.

Sometimes, lugging out that full-sized iron seems to be an added chore in itself, making the whole idea of ironing your outfit before work or finishing up your sewing project almost Herculean.

Fortunately, the Steamfast® Compact Steam Iron has made your quick and easy ironing tasks… well, quicker and easier!


The Steamfast® Compact Steam Iron helps you get out wrinkles and finish your craft project with ease. It’s like a full-sized iron but in a smaller body, and you won’t believe it actually packs a full-sized iron punch.

Lightweight and versatile, this small iron heats up fast. Its small size, ample cord length, and dual voltage settings make it perfect for travel. The non-stick plate makes ironing effortless, and its compact size makes for quick retrieval to get your pressing and de-wrinkling done in a flash. Ironing on the fly can be a reality with your Steamfast® Compact Steam Iron.


To get your very own Steamfast® Compact Steam Iron, visit dreamproducts.com.