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Neuropathy is a nerve condition that affects people of all walks of life, and particularly those who suffer with diabetes and related illnesses. If you or a loved one suffer from neuropathy in your feet, relief can be found in our Neuropathy Therapy Socks!

neuropathy-therapy-socks-wavesMany people have come to find much needed relief for their neuropathy related foot pain with these specially designed socks. Here’s 5 ways Neuropathy Therapy Socks with built-in gel pads can help relieve painful feet:

  1. Cool gel quiets burning sensation
  2. Cushions & comforts painful feet
  3. Helps reduce friction, new calluses, and foot ulcerations
  4. Helps put an end to pins & needles
  5. Serves as a tissue supplement for age related foot pad breakdown

For more about Neuropathy Therapy Socks visit dreamproducts.com.