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On occasion we come across some great features of our product and recently BloodSTOP® special blood control gauze became the focus of a story about a wounded officer in training.

SWAT paramedic Mark Ocepek was pleasantly surprised to find out how powerful BloodSTOP® is in stopping bleeding when his services were needed by an officer in training. Here’s an excerpt from his story from officer.com:

Officer Ocepek instantly rushed to the aid of his fellow officer with his “trauma bag” — always on him — in tow. After checking the airway, Officer Ocepek’s first order of business was stopping the bleeding. Seeing the severity of the laceration, Officer Ocepek employed a new piece of kit he had received back in November of 2014 — a product called BloodSTOP iX that was being sampled at the SWAT International Roundup, a competition for SWAT teams throughout the country.

Officer Ocepek applied BloodSTOP iX, a water-soluble “hemostatic matrix,” wrapped it in gauze and applied direct pressure. In less than a minute, Ocepek saw extraordinary results. Within 20-30 seconds, the profuse bleeding just stopped — completely. Where there was once flowing blood just about an inch from the officers eye, the wound had been completely sealed by a non-toxic, completely safe gel. Officer Ocepek, who had years of experience at level 1 trauma centers and on the job as a SWAT officer, found the results to be better than any skin glue, other hemostatic agent, and far better than any bandage by itself. (Read the entire story here)







BloodSTOP® transforms into a protective gel that seals the wound and speeds the healing process.

BloodSTOP® acts in less than one minute, easily washes off with water, and can be used for cuts, abrasions, and nosebleeds. Sterile, convenient, and fast, BloodSTOP® is a very effective way to control bleeding.

For more about BloodSTOP® visit dreamproducts.com.