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By Cheryl Alvarez

As we’re coming back from vacations and the kids are going back to school, life can get a little busy. Everyone wants to prepare a home cooked meal every night, but we don’t always have the time. Dream Products has some great time saving kitchen gadgets to help make sure that the time you save in the kitchen is spent sharing food in the company of your family and friends.

Here are three inexpensive, time-savers that no kitchen should should be without.

The Salad Chopper quickly chops up leafy greens, vegetables, fruit and cheese, so your salad is as fresh as can be. Great for saving time and dishes.

Salad ChopperSalad Chopper


Want to prepare your vegetables ahead of time? The Gourmet Chop & Store is a handy tool that allows you to quickly chop vegetables and store them away. Comes with both colorful containers, and snap tight lids, so your vegetables stay fresh and keep out refrigerator odors.

Gourmet ChopGourmet Chop & Store


Dream Products also wants to save you time in preparing healthy sandwiches for school or work. The Deluxe Food Slicer is great for slicing meats, cheeses, vegetables, fruit and eggs quickly and evenly.

Deluxe Food SlicerDeluxe Food Slicer


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