By Linda Denninger

While there are many things celebrated in the month of September, what could be better than taking a little time out for Self-Care!

In our busy day to day lives, one of the things we often fail to do is take time out to care for our own needs. We are busy caring for others all of the time and tend to neglect ourselves. We need to remember that if we empty our own vessel, we have nothing left to fill the vessels of others. True self-care isn’t being selfish or self-centered – it is essential if we are to stay strong and helpful to others. Paying attention to how YOU feel, speaking up for yourself and saying yes or no without feeling guilty is paramount to a happy and healthy life.

While this is something we should strive to do every day, let’s start out by practicing in the month of September. Each day do something nice for yourself. That could mean taking a 15 minute walk in solitude, getting a massage, speaking out when you would have normally bottled up your feelings, even something as simple as taking a few minutes to simply breathe deeply and take in the beauty around you. When you are kind to yourself, you will find that it makes you want to be kinder to others as well!

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Have a wonderful September! Talk to you next month!