By Linda Denninger

There is a crisp feeling in the air, leaves are turning, all the signs that Thanksgiving is almost here!  Seems this year Thanksgiving will be a bit different for most of us.  I won’t be flying to visit family members in Florida, and I know a lot of you have had to curtail your normal holiday plans as well.  Holidays can be hard enough without having to face them alone! 

That is a good thought for us to remember!  When we are sad that we are missing our family and friends, we need to remember those unfortunate people who spend their holidays, and most all of their days – alone.  We might not be able to have a big gathering this year for the holiday, so how about we take a little of what we would have spent on that dinner, and help a local food bank.  Help support a local homeless shelter.  Donate to a Woman’s shelter.  

Many of you will still be hosting smaller, more intimate, get togethers over the holidays and we can help!  Dream Products.com has so many unique and affordable items to help you make this a joyous occasion, even if it is smaller than usual!  Check out our Housewares/Baking and Cooking category.  We have everything from cookware sets to small kitchen gadgets that help make life a little easier. 

This has been a different kind of year, and the upcoming holidays will be different for us as well.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t make the most of it and still enjoy them!  Thank goodness for things like Zoom and Facetime so we still have an opportunity to “virtually” have Thanksgiving with family and friends! 

Please stay safe out there my friends.  We are still battling that invisible virus, and unfortunately, probably will be for quite some time to come.  Be sure to visit our Medicine Cabinet for lots of items you need to keep you and your family safe.  So happy November and Happy Thanksgiving to you all!  Stay strong and Stay Safe!