By Linda Denninger

I write this blog every month, but I don’t know that I have ever explained WHO we are! 

Dream Products was established over 20 years ago with the motto: UNIQUE ITEMS AT AFFORDABLE PRICES! We operated as a small, family type business that sold an assortment of products through various channels (1) Catalog (2) Website (3) “Space ads”. The latter are individual ads for single products that are placed in the coupon section of the Sunday newspaper, as well as up to 50 magazines such as AARP, Saturday Evening Post, National Enquirer, American Legion, and many more. In the newspaper coupon section, we are well recognized as being one of the strongest advertisers for over 20 years. While we carry a huge assortment of products, we are well known for our bras, slippers, and therapeutic health & wellness categories.

Last year our company was purchased by a much larger company.    We are THRILLED with the transition.  This well-established company has already helped us grow and improve our business in so many ways.  A perfect example is our transition to a new, VERY dynamic website platform.  If you haven’t checked it out, you should! .  The site transformation was amazing.  It is so easy to use and offers things we couldn’t do before.  Look at the AutoFill category! Now you can have things automatically delivered on a schedule YOU want.  You place one order and never have to worry about running out of things you use on a regular basis. 

Our New Arrivals category is constantly being updated with an assortment of new and unique items.  Browse the site and you can find pretty much everything you need. 

I’m very proud to be a part of Dream Products. I’ve been there from Day 1 and have seen the growth and the improvements we’ve experienced. We have an amazing team that work hard every day - All with a single goal in mind: TREAT OUR CUSTOMERS LIKE FAMILY. We understand that, without our customers, we don’t exist! We strive to provide the items you want, at the prices you need. We hope we can add you to our growing Dream Products Family!

Stay safe my friends!

Linda Denninger
Vice President/General Manager
Dream Products
Silver Star Brands