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We recently redesigned our modest backyard which ended up to be a huge undertaking. We gutted out the entire yard as we wanted a more contemporary flair.

We pulled out all the grass and planters and redesigned the layout and planted bamboo trees and water resistant plants. We have timers to water the plants and timers for the lighting to turn on and off automatically. Everything looks fantastic.

The only issue is that we didn’t put in enough lighting in the planter areas. It’s too late now to change that. Fortunately, I found a solution: Stainless Steel Solar Garden Lights!

I bought three sets of the Stainless Steel Solar Garden Lights and love how easy they were to place in the garden. There are no wires or cords. They build their power from the sun and automatically go on at dusk and off at dawn. The stainless steel matches our backyard design, too.

Had I known about such a beautiful solar lighting solution, I wouldn’t have needed to install the elaborate planter lighting on timers. We could have saved a lot of money. Oh well, live and learn.

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