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A few months ago, I was in Chicago on vacation and having lunch with my family. I noticed a woman at another table using what looked like a traditional handset with her cellphone. I approached the woman and asked her where she found such a unique item. It was something I would love to have as I don’t like talking directly into my cellphone. She was also in Chicago on vacation and said she found it in her hometown at a museum shop.

Much to my dismay, I was disappointed. I came back home and thought I would search the internet to find one of these gadgets. I mentioned it to our merchandise manager here at Dream Products and she told me we just started selling the Retro Cell Phone Adapter. I should have known! I bought one and am so happy with it! I don’t even use my cellphone without it.

The Retro Cell Phone Adapter is the talk of the town! This fun and safe cell phone handset lets you hear and speak clearly with volume control. It works with most smart phones. I couldn’t be happier and recommend the Retro Cell Phone Adapter as an excellent alternative earpiece.

To get your very own Retro Cell Phone Adapter, visit DreamProducts.com.