A couple of weeks ago, I was out to dinner with my husband at a very nice restaurant. While I love the ambiance of this place, it’s so dark inside and difficult to read the menu. I was trying to use my cellphone to generate enough light to pick out something to eat. This experience led me on a mission when I came into the office the following Monday. What does Dream Products carry that will help with reading a menu in a low lit restaurant?

I narrowed my list to two items and decided to test them both and see which one works best for me. The LED Reading Glasses and the 3 In 1 Magnight Pen were the items I picked. I have to say, they both passed my test with flying colors.

What I love about the LED Reading Glasses is that there are two powerful LED lights attached to the glasses so you can read in the dark. If you don’t need to use the lights, than you don’t turn the light switch on and use them as reading glasses only. They are lightweight and stylish as well. The other item, the 3 In 1 Magnight Pen, is a writing ball point pen that lights up with a super bright LED light and magnifies a bold 3X all in one. It works great and serves so many purposes.

So there you have it. A tie! I recommend both items as they both worked well. Give them a try. I’d love to get your thoughts.

To get your very own LED Reading Glasses and 3 In 1 Magnight Pen, visit DreamProducts.com.