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Here’s one of those products that you don’t think you need until you see it in action. I came across the Citrus Spritzer as a new product here at Dream Products. My first reaction was: who would use this? My second was: will it work?

The idea behind this spritzer is to give your salads, seafood, or cold drinks a light, refreshing mist of fresh citrus – to enhance the flavor – using the juice directly from a fresh fruit.

Citrus SpritzerOkay, I grill fish from time to time, and I use lemon juice when I do, so I can understand the pitch. I can also see spritzing a glass of ice water to get a lemon, lime, or orange juice flavoring.

Actually, the more I thought about it, the more food items I came up with that might benefit from a spritz of citrus juice (linguini with fresh clams is one thought). So, yes, there are many uses for fresh citrus juice around the kitchen or grill.

But would the Citrus Spritzer actually work? Wouldn’t it just clog up with pulp?

Citrus SpritzerThe package comes with a set of two spritzers (see pictures, below): a 4” long spritzer for larger fruits, and a shorter, 3” long spritzer for smaller fruits. You simply select the length you want, cut off the top portion of the fruit, and screw the spritzer into the top.

Citrus SpritzerCitrus Spritzer






(Tip #1: You might notice that each spritzer has a little “tab” that protrudes down from the side. It took me a while to figure out what this tab was for. The answer is that by placing your fingers across this tab (while it is on the fruit), you help stabilize the spritzer – which reduces any juice from escaping around the top of the unit.)

Okay, so now I have the spritzer in the fruit and it is ready to go. Does it actually work as intended? The answer is… yes! By pressing down on the top plunger, the spritzer delivers a very fine mist of juice. It actually worked much better than I had expected. Also, my initial concern about the unit clogging up with pulp was unfounded. I never did experience any kind of clogging.

The Citrus Spritzer also comes with a handy fruit stand to set the fruit on between spritzes. Not only does this give you a place to set the fruit down, but also it help prevent the fruit from rolling away from you (which is especially nice if you bring it out to the dinner table).

Citrus SpritzerWhen you are done with the fruit, simply unscrew the spritzer and wash it out. It is top rack dishwasher safe – so clean-up is a snap.

(Tip #2: Fill a glass with soapy water, and insert the spritzer into the glass. Then spritz the soapy water. This makes cleaning the inside of the spritzer much easier).

So, I must say, I was impressed by both the ease of use and the fact that it actually worked as described. The package comes with two spritzers, two caps, and the fruit stand.

The Citrus Spritzer would be a handy addition for any RV, picnic set, or camp kitchen, and would make a fun gift for a house warming party or outdoor BBQ.

To learn more about the Citrus Spritzer, stop by DreamProducts.com.

Scott Spooner is a Digital Marketplace Specialist for Dream Products.