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Whether you’re an active runner, work on your feet all day, or suffer from a condition which causes swollen or painful legs or feet, you may find much needed relief by wearing compression hosiery.

Compression hosiery, socks, or stockings are specially designed with extra firm material such as elastic to help reduce swelling and improve circulation. Here at Dream Products, we offer a variety of compression leg-wear to choose from. One in particular, Zippered Compression Stockings, is a favorite of one of our very own staff members, Linda, who shares her personal experience:

For years I have suffered with ankle swelling, particularly in one leg. No doctor has been able to determine the cause of the swelling. Over the years I have tried many products, but it seems that the only thing that really helps to control the swelling is when I wear compression socks or stockings.

Problem is, by nature of what compression stockings are, they are so tight and difficult to get off and on! Then I discovered we carry Zippered Compression Stockings here at Dream Products! What an ingenious idea! You still have the tightness for the compression benefit as you wear the stocking, but because you can zip it up, it takes the struggle out of putting them on and taking them off!

zippered compression stockingsThese Zippered Compression Stockings can be worn with shoes and/or socks and you can wear them all day long! They even have an open toe, so if you want to wear sandals no one needs to know you are also wearing compression stockings!

Doctors recommend compression support to help increase circulation, reduce swelling and fluid retention, support aching muscles and ease the pain and discomfort of varicose veins. With all these great benefits, and now that the zip up feature allows for easy on/off, you won’t find a compression stocking you will like more!

For more about Zippered Compression Stockings, visit DreamProducts.com.