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Technology has come a long way these days, but there’s nothing like sitting back, relaxing, and listening to the radio. Whether it’s in your back yard, on a picnic, or anywhere in between, a personal radio is still a great way to enjoy music, the game, talk radio, and the latest news.










Here’s 5 reasons why Dream Products’ Pocket Size Band Receiver by Kaito is the ultimate personal radio:

  1. Fits easily in your shirt or pants pocket.

A mere 3½” x 2” x ¼” in size, this personal radio is incredibly small which makes it perfect to take anywhere you go.

  1. Compact size, but comes with unexpectedly crisp, clear sound.

You won’t believe the sound quality from such a small device.

  1. Smooth volume control.

No fussing to get the volume just right.

  1. Tuning light to easily identify best reception.

A clever feature to let you know you’ve hit that sweet spot of reception.

  1. Includes a headphone jack.

Compatible with your personal headphones or earbuds so you can enjoy your personal radio in your own personal world without bothering anyone around you.

To learn more about the Pocket Size Band Receiver personal radio, visit DreamProducts.com.