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Here at the offices of Dream Products our staff members occasionally test out our items at home and give us their feedback. Linda, an avid gardener, gave our Gardener Sleeves a try. Here’s her review:

Recently, I knew I had to tackle a bush in my yard that was full of thorns and I was dreading taking on that job. My skin is thinning, as it tends to do with age, so I get terrible bruise/blood marks on my arms, especially when I’m gardening. I just knew that my arms would be an absolute mess by the time I finished trimming the bush and cleaning up the mess.

I was browsing through the gardening section on our Dream Products website, looking for something that might help me take on this daunting task, when I came across the Gardener Sleeves. They sounded perfect so I thought I’d give them a try. Boy, was I glad I did! They literally saved me!

gardener-sleevesI was able to work unencumbered and yet my arms were protected and I didn’t get any of the blood marks or bruising I was expecting. No scratches or bug bites either!

I had to make sure I told our merchandise buyer what a great idea these sleeves are! Thin enough that they aren’t too hot or uncomfortable, but thick enough to protect my skin! Every gardener should have a pair of these! Even if you haven’t started experiencing the thin skin issues, just to avoid the bites and scratches you get when gardening, they are a must have! I’m going to make sure I get several pairs so I can pass them out to my gardening friends and always have a pair handy for myself!

Thanks to our staff member, Linda, for her candid review of our Gardener Sleeves! If you’ve tried them, feel free to let us know how they’ve helped you in the comments!

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