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Cat lovers abound! Even the Internet loves cats so much that there are websites dedicated to them. And who can blame them? They’re cute, fuzzy, and full of personality. And boy are they ever so full of mischief too! Not only can they be so rambunctious, but they also love their sleepy-times! That’s where the term cat-nap originated, after all. It’s no wonder cats love to curl up in cozy places, and one cozy sleeping place you can give your kitty is the Pop Up Pet Bungalow.

pop-up-pet-bungalow pop-up-pet-bungalow-2

Versatile in function and form, the Pop Up Pet Bungalow gives your darling pet two ways to sleep. Leave it down in a nesting cradle shape, and your kitty can sprawl out. Pop it up to create a tent where your kitty can hide in soft cozy comfort, where it can feel safe from all of life’s worries (ha!).

Either way, your cat will love its purrfect sleeping spot!

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