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One of our most popular product categories is our bras. Dream Products has become known for bras that work well for “every”body” and every need. Our very own staff member Linda reviews and shares her personal story about how Dream Products’ Snap Front Comfort Bra has helped someone close to her:

My mother-in-law recently had shoulder surgery and asked if Dream Products carried any bras I thought would be easy for her to get in to and wear. I IMMEDIATELY suggested our Snap Front Comfort Bra. I sent her a couple to try and she LOVED them!

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Throughout her recovery time, this was the only bra she could easily get her arms in, and with the snap front closure, she didn’t have to do any twisting or turning and was actually able to dress herself without assistance! No one wants to be a burden and have their spouse or children dress them if they don’t have to, so this bra allowed her a lot of personal freedom.

Once she recovered and could use her arms freely again, she STILL felt this bra was so comfortable and easy to use that she continued to wear the ones I sent to her. She liked the fact there was no underwire to poke her and make her feel uncomfortable, yet felt the wide bottom band provided the support she needed.

I’m so happy her surgery went well, she is feeling much better, and that I was able to help her in some small way through her recovery. The Snap Front Comfort Bra really is great for everyone, but if you have any type of limited mobility, it’s a true blessing!

Thanks to Linda for sharing her personal story!

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