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This week, May 10 – 16, 2015, is National Women’s Health Week. It’s a week dedicated to empowering women to make their health a top priority, and we couldn’t agree more! Women have many important roles in their families, at home, at work, in their relationships, and more. Improving and maintaining good health is not only something good to do for yourself, it’s also a gift for those in your life.

Also this week on May 12th was National Women’s Checkup Day, prompting women to schedule their well-woman visit.

In support of these important reminders, this week on our social media channels we’ve been sharing some helpful health items that are easy to use. We hope you find these useful in your regular health regimen every week of the year!

NWHW-foam-roller NWHW-liv-aid-breast-self-exam NWHW-swing-master-chi-machine NWHW-wristech-talking-blood-pressure-monitor

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