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by Linda Denninger

October, the beginning of Fall! What a beautiful time of year this is all around this great country! Aside from the arrival of Fall, there are many other special days in October to celebrate in 2017. Some are well known but we bet there are a few here you didn’t even know about!

October 1: National Homemade Cookie Day AND World Vegetarian Day
(here is a vegetarian cookie recipe: Brown Butter Salted Caramel Snickerdoodles )

October 3: National Boyfriend’s Day

October 4: National Golf Day

October 5: Do Something Nice Day (We really like this one! A simple, kind deed goes a long way!)

October 7: Bald & Free Day

October 9: Columbus Day AND Moldy Cheese Day

October 11: Emergency Nurses Day

October 13: World Egg Day

October 14: National Desert Day
(YUM – here’s a great recipe to enjoy: Yummy Blondie Recipe)

October 16: National Bosses Day

October 19: Evaluate Your Life Day

October 22: Mother In Law Day

October 24: National Bologna Day

October 28: Make a Difference Day (help out a neighbor today!)

October 31: HALLOWEEN!!!!

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