By Linda Denninger

Seems I was just getting used to writing 2017 on things!

Holidays can bring on a lot of stress for people with all the planning, shopping, cooking and get-togethers. But it is important to slow down and appreciate the beauty of the season as well.

No matter which holiday you celebrate, or even if you don’t celebrate them at all, this is still a wonderful month to spend with family and friends reliving your accomplishments of the ending year, and reviewing your goals for the year to come.

It’s important to take good care of yourself during these stressful times as well. Make sure you are getting plenty of sleep, drinking lots of water and TRY to eat as healthy as possible. Everyone indulges this time of year so just plan for it. Going to a party on Saturday where you know the food will be plentiful? Try to eat extra healthy for a few days BEFORE the party. Going to have a busy week next week? Try to set aside a few moments each day to relax and calm yourself.

Holidays are supposed to be FUN! Don’t let stress and worry ruin that for you. None of us are perfect – you don’t have to be either! We place a tremendous amount of stress on ourselves to make everyone else happy. Sometimes it’s important to look in the mirror and recognize THAT is the person you must make happy first!

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So as we close another year and start the exciting venture into the next one, take some time to really think about the good things in your life. The people you love, the joys you have experienced, the simple pleasure of inhaling that crisp December air! Life – like the holidays – is meant to be enjoyed