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By Linda Denninger

February, the month with the fewest days, but frequently the COLDEST days of the year! Whether you are battling snow, rain or just cold temps, www.DreamProducts.com has what you need to make it to Spring!

In an article I recently read in “Arthritis and Osteoporosis” (see article here: https://www.arthritiswa.org.au/content/page/winter-amp-arthritis.html) I found it interesting that Professor Jamison of Harvard Medical School and Chief Psychologist at the Pain Management Center advises “…The factor that may be responsible for increased pain is not snow, cold or rain, but actually, a change in barometric pressure”. Barometric pressure (atmospheric pressure) is the force exerted onto a surface by the weight of the atmosphere at any given point. As a storm system develops, the barometric pressure begins to drop.

Jamison explains the impact of barometric pressure on the body through a test conducted with a balloon. “When a balloon is inflated, it has the maximum inside and outside pressure. High barometric pressure that pushes against the body from the outside keeps tissues from expanding.” As the barometric pressure falls, tissues in the body may expand. As the tissues expand, they put more pressure on nerves that control pain signals.

“It doesn’t take much expansion or contraction of tissue to affect a pain trigger,” Jamison said. Therefore even individuals who live in drier climates also reported feeling more pain with weather changes.”

Whatever causes the pain is interesting, but if you are suffering from Arthritic Pain, RELIEF is what you are really seeking. Having chronic arthritis and osteoporosis myself, I know the pain it causes and the joy I feel when I find something that actually HELPS!

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