By Linda Denninger

There are so many benefits to gardening, both physically and emotionally.  It gets you outdoors into the sunlight, absorbing that Vitamin D we all need!  When you are digging, hauling around dirt and plants and just MOVING in the garden, it’s great exercise.  This exercise, in turn, aids in better sleep, weight loss, heart health and even boosting your immune system! 

Gardening can assist with your mental health by providing relaxation and stress relief, and even reducing anxiety!  Studies have shown it can help relieve depression as well.  To see the fruits of your labor instills a sense of pride in yourself and your garden!  When you plant something in the ground, or a pot, and watch it grow and flourish, it is such a feeling of accomplishment! 

I personally believe teaching children where their food comes from, how it is grown, and what the benefits are, at a young age is an important part of their growth and development.   We all must eat, so teach them while they are young to appreciate that food and learn where it starts before they see it on their plates!

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Below, please find a Plant Hardiness Zone Map to help you in your gardening adventures!

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Stay Safe & Happy Gardening My Friends!

Linda Denninger