Welcome 2018! Healthy Tips To Start Your Year!



By Linda Denninger

It’s a brand new year!  A brand new start!  Many resolutions will be made by people all across the world, hoping to begin this exciting New Year being the best they can be!

January is a time to reflect on the past and plan for the future!  One goal we should ALL have is to be as healthy as we can be.   At www.DreamProducts.com we offer a variety of items, at reasonable prices, to help make everyday life easier and healthier.

One example is our Magnetic Zipper Compression Socks.  These super comfortable, zip up compression stockings offer powerful relief for sore, aching muscles, poor circulation, varicose veins and more!

Magnetic Zipper Compression Socks

You may also want to try our Adjustable Swollen Feet Loafers. These incredibly comfortable slippers are orthopedically designed, with an adjustable one-touch closure that makes them a perfect fit every time.  Even when your feet are swollen!  Extra roomy style, Memory Foam Insoles and plush, soft lining provides comforting relief from edema, corns, sores and bunions, plus added warmth for poor circulation.

Adjustable Swollen Feet Loafers

January usually brings cold weather, which complicates things for people suffering from arthritis.  A perfect solution for women is our Snap Front Comfort Bra.  Four easy snaps in the front make this bra so convenient and easy to put on and take off.  Stretch cups fit A-DD.  And it is so comfortable and easy on those arthritic hands.

Snap Front Comfort Bra

So as you move in to 2018, take some time to reflect on your life over the past year.  What did you do well? CELEBRATE IT!  What area of your life was not quite where you wanted it to be?  CHANGE IT!  We are all reflections of our own thoughts and actions.  Take the time to make those thoughts and actions reflect how you wish the world to see you.

We at Dream Products are here to help with a variety of items to lighten and brighten your day!  We want to wish each and every one of you the Happiest of New Years!  We hope that this New Year finds you healthy and happy and that it is the best year of your life – SO FAR!

Where has this year gone!?!?


By Linda Denninger

Seems I was just getting used to writing 2017 on things!

Holidays can bring on a lot of stress for people with all the planning, shopping, cooking and get-togethers.  But it is important to slow down and appreciate the beauty of the season as well.

No matter which holiday you celebrate, or even if you don’t celebrate them at all, this is still a wonderful month to spend with family and friends reliving your accomplishments of the ending year, and reviewing your goals for the year to come.

It’s important to take good care of yourself during these stressful times as well.  Make sure you are getting plenty of sleep, drinking lots of water and TRY to eat as healthy as possible.   Everyone indulges this time of year so just plan for it.  Going to a party on Saturday where you know the food will be plentiful?  Try to eat extra healthy for a few days BEFORE the party.   Going to have a busy week next week?  Try to set aside a few moments each day to relax and calm yourself.

Holidays are supposed to be FUN!  Don’t let stress and worry ruin that for you.  None of us are perfect – you don’t have to be either!  We place a tremendous amount of stress on ourselves to make everyone else happy.  Sometimes it’s important to look in the mirror and recognize THAT is the person you must make happy first!

At www.DreamProducts.com  you will find an array of items that are perfect for gift giving, and also items that will help YOU relax and enjoy your holiday season a little more.  A great example is our Foot Vibe Pro:

Foot Vibe Pro

Nothing feels better than a nice foot massage after a day of shopping or cooking!  And what a wonderful gift to give to someone else!

So as we close another year and start the exciting venture into the next one, take some time to really think about the good things in your life.  The people you love, the joys you have experienced, the simple pleasure of inhaling that crisp December air!  Life – like the holidays – is meant to be enjoyed

Holidays Are Coming And There is SO Much To Do!



by Linda Denninger

Stainless Steel Cookware Set

November is a bustling month of cooking, shopping, baking, family and friends!  We thought everyone might like to try a couple new recipes this year for your Thanksgiving celebration!  We asked our coworkers to submit some unique recipes their families love that we hope you will enjoy as well!

Cranberry Apple Ginger Chutney
Here is a Cranberry, Apple, Ginger Chutney recipe that is one of MY families favorites!  It’s easy to make and tastes delicious!
Cranberry Apple Ginger Chutney

(This recipe was submitted by Linda Denninger)

Warm Apple Pie Drink
Looking for a unique Fall-time drink that will warm you all over? Look no further: Warm Apple Pie Drink
(This recipe was submitted by Chris Kneser)

Pumpkin Spice Pull-Apart Bread
Here is a delicious (and decadent!) treat that was found over at CookingPanda.com:
Pumpkin Spice Pull Apart Bread
(This recipe was submitted by Marvi Khero)

We hope you enjoy these recipes and hope they add a special touch to your Thanksgiving dinner!  Have a wonderful November everyone!

There Is More To October Than Just Halloween!


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by Linda Denninger

October, the beginning of Fall!  What a beautiful time of year this is all around this great country!  Aside from the arrival of Fall, there are many other special days in October to celebrate in 2017.  Some are well known but we bet there are a few here you didn’t even know about!

October 1:    National Homemade Cookie Day AND World Vegetarian Day
(here is a vegetarian cookie recipe: Brown Butter Salted Caramel Snickerdoodles )

October 3:    National Boyfriend’s Day

October 4:    National Golf Day

October 5:    Do Something Nice Day (We really like this one!  A simple, kind deed goes a long way!)

October 7:    Bald & Free Day

October 9:    Columbus Day AND Moldy Cheese Day

October 11: Emergency Nurses Day

October 13: World Egg Day

October 14: National Desert Day
(YUM – here’s a great recipe to enjoy: Yummy Blondie Recipe)

October 16: National Bosses Day

October 19: Evaluate Your Life Day

October 22: Mother In Law Day

October 24: National Bologna Day

October 28: Make a Difference Day (help out a neighbor today!)

October 31: HALLOWEEN!!!!

October is also a great time of year to start preparing for the upcoming cold winter months!  Shop our website at www.DreamProducts.com for unique items at affordable prices!

May Your Labor Day Weekend Be Filled With Family, Friends And Fun!


By Linda Denninger

Labor Day honors the American Labor Movement and the contributions that workers across the nation have made to this country.   In the United States, a September holiday called “Labor Day” was first proposed in the 1880’s.  In 1887 Oregon was the 1st state to make it an official public holiday.  By the time it became an official FEDERAL holiday in 1894, thirty US states officially celebrated Labor Day.

Considered the unofficial end of summer in the US, it marks the end of the cultural summer season.  Many families use this time for their vacationing before school starts, and then of course, those all-important backyard BBQ’s!

The whole month of September is a beautiful time of cooling temperatures, the beginning of the change of seasons and the end of another summer.  We at Dream Products want to wish you and your family a Happy Labor Day weekend and encourage you to spend time with family, friends and loved ones.   Visit our website at www.DreamProducts.com for all your last minute lawn and garden needs to make this a Labor Day Weekend to remember!

Summer Is Here! Unique Items That Help To Keep You Cool



By  Linda Denninger

The temperatures are rising everywhere and I have a feeling, it’s going to be a long, hot summer!  Dream Products has worked with our manufacturers to find every day, personal  items to help you beat the heat!  Here are a few of our favorites we wanted to share with you.

The fabulous Cooling Bra is sure to become your summertime favorite!  The secret  is in the revolutionary open weave breathable cups that let air flow freely to cool down hot days.  And ladies, this soft, comfortable support helps year round to combat hot flashes.

Cooling BraCooling Bra

Our Cooling Compression Socks are great for men and women and help to keep your feet cool and comfy while providing gentle compression and support.  No one likes hot, sweaty feet!  These socks are designed with unique “cooling yarn” that wicks away moisture and helps promote better circulation.

Cooling Compression SocksCooling Compression Socks

The Massaging Comfort Slides are feather light, acupressure massaging sandals that have strategically placed nodules that massage and stimulate pressure points with every step.  The waterproof sole, and easy slip-on style, make them the perfect footwear for the summer for both men and women.

MAssaging Comfort SlidesMassaging Comfort Slides

We hope you enjoy your summer with family and friends!  Stop by our website any time to see other items that can help you make this a summer to remember!  WWW.DreamProducts.com

Great Items To Save Time & Money!


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By Cheryl Alvarez

As we’re coming back from vacations and the kids are going back to school, life can get a little busy. Everyone wants to prepare a home cooked meal every night, but we don’t always have the time. Dream Products has some great time saving kitchen gadgets to help make sure that the time you save in the kitchen is spent sharing food in the company of your family and friends.

Here are three inexpensive, time-savers that no kitchen should should be without.

The Salad Chopper quickly chops up leafy greens, vegetables, fruit and cheese, so your salad is as fresh as can be. Great for saving time and dishes.

Salad ChopperSalad Chopper


Want to prepare your vegetables ahead of time? The Gourmet Chop & Store is a handy tool that allows you to quickly chop vegetables and store them away. Comes with both colorful containers, and snap tight lids, so your vegetables stay fresh and keep out refrigerator odors.

Gourmet ChopGourmet Chop & Store


Dream Products also wants to save you time in preparing healthy sandwiches for school or work. The Deluxe Food Slicer is great for slicing meats, cheeses, vegetables, fruit and eggs quickly and evenly.

Deluxe Food SlicerDeluxe Food Slicer


Interested in more kitchen gadgets and several hundred other great deals? Visit us at: dreamproducts.com

One Clever Trick To Keeping Your Car Cool This Summer


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Summer is in full swing and that means the heat is rising! Keeping cool is essential and that includes the inside of your car too.

Cracking windows and sunshades can help, but there’s also another clever trick to keeping your car cool even while your car is off: The Solar Auto Fan.

solar-auto-fanJust place the Solar Auto Fan on top of your window, roll the window up, and let the power of the sun cool your car all summer long.

The solar powered ventilator draws hot air and odors out of your car, replacing it will fresh cool air. No power required and your car remains secure as the Solar Auto Fan allows your windows to remain rolled up.

Keeping your car cool is a breeze with the Solar Auto Fan!

To get your own Solar Auto Fan visit dreamproducts.com.



Happy Independence Day


This Saturday is July 4th and we just wanted to wish everyone a fun & safe holiday! Happy 4th of July!


~ The Dream Products Family

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Social Media Day: Exclusive Dream Products Coupon


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Happy Social Media Day!

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